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Michigan Interactive Investments (MII) is the leading undergraduate investment club at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Each year MII builds an investment portfolio with the goal of educating members about investing through interactive portfolio management. By maintaining a small dedicated 60 person member base MII is able to effectively teach members about investing in a variety of equity fixed income and derivative securities. In addition MII provides many resources in helping members secure internship and full-time job placements. The 2008-2009 school year marks our 11th year as a student-run investment club at the University of Michigan. On behalf of the entire executive board welcome to Michigan Interactive Investments; we look forward to another exciting and promising year.

Michigan Interactive Investments takes a disciplined approach to investing with a medium-term outlook for attractive returns while preserving capital. MII undertakes two primary investment strategies Relative Value and Special Opportunities. Within Relative Value MII members evaluate market sectors in order to locate particular securities which appear undervalued on the basis of fundamentals growth projections and potential risk. Within our Special Opportunities portfolio MII utilizes short-selling derivatives and arbitrage strategies to capitalize on market opportunities. Investments are taken with a three to six month time horizon in attempts to find undervalued securities which we believe will come back into favor with the market.

Officer Info

Vijita Kamath, vijitak@umich.edu

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