Michigan Investment Banking Club


The MIBC is a leading student organization at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor specializing in investment banking. Our mission is to help educate our members in order to secure internships and full-time positions in the investment banking industry. We employ a three-prong strategy to accomplish our goals:

1. Our educational lecture series are led by senior members of MIBC and are designed to provide an introduction to the key concepts and skill-sets relevant to investment banking. Concepts that are covered in our series may include corporate valuation, financial accounting and corporate finance.

2. Our investment banking internship program is a year-round internship with boutique investment banking advisory firms that are exclusive partners with MIBC. Members gain real-world experience throughout the school year and can expect to work on M&A advisory and debt/equity private placement assignments for companies in a broad range of industries.

3. We also offer career guidance and support, which involves cover letter and resume review, interview preparation, and mentorship by senior members and alumni of MIBC.

Officer Info

Sam Iryamisiryami@umich.edu

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