Michigan Investment Group


The Michigan Investment Group is U of M’s first investment group focused on the intersection of Finance & Technology. MIG has two group: a fundamental investing team that analyzes and pitches equities across a diverse range of sectors, and an algorithmic trading team that develops software to buy and sell stocks in real-time using thousands of data points. MIG members jointly manage an equity fund, while also leading education and networking sessions with the top finance and technology firms.

Officer Info
President: Adam Kobeissi BBA Senior akobe@umich.edu
VP Finance: Richard Ling BBA Sophomore​ richling@umich.edu
VP Operations: Geet Antani ENG geetja@umich.edu
VP Recruiting (External): Vidisha Hemani ENG vhemani@umich.edu
VP Recruiting (Internal & DEI): Emily Chen BBA Junior ehchen@umich.edu
VP Coding: Justin Moore Econ & Data Sci justdion@umich.edu
VP Education: Bhavik Patel BBA Senior pbhavik@umich.edu
Senior Investment Advisor: Gerasimos Dedes MiB jdedes@umich.edu
Senior Coding Advisor: Nick Hodgman MiB nhodgman@umich.edu