Advanced Competitive Strategy

Course Code
3 hours
  • Winter 22
BBA Senior or MM (Master of Management)

Advanced Competitive Strategy --- This course seeks to broaden and deepen your understanding of competitive strategy. As such, it is a natural follow up to the STR290 and STR390 core strategy classes that you have already taken. The course aims to broaden your strategic analysis abilities by introducing you to new theories and frameworks that augments your strategy toolkit. Topics covered include strategic renewal, disruptive strategy, ambidextrous strategies, nonmarket strategy, as well as the organizational challenges underlying strategy execution and change. The course also aims to deepen your understanding of several of the industry and firm-level strategic concepts that you were introduced to in the strategy core classes by exploring their utility, dynamics, interdependencies, and limitations in different kinds of strategic environments. Additionally, a key instructional objective of the course is to help you develop a rigorous approach for addressing complex business problems. As such, the course will be taught via the case method, supplemented by mini-lectures and other activities where appropriate. We will examine both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations covering a wide range of industries and settings. Overall, this course aims to broaden and deepen your strategy toolkit so that you can draw upon a variety of theories and frameworks when analyzing, formulating, and executing competitive strategy.

Taught By
Cheng Gao
  • NBD Bancorp Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Assistant Professor of Strategy
Cheng Gao is an Assistant Professor of Strategy. His research focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and nonmarket strategy. His research examines...