Big Data Manipulation and Visualization

Course Code
TO 404
1.5 hours
  • Fall 21 (B)
  • Fall 22 (B)
BBA Junior or Senior Standing or BusAd Minor or (BBA Sophomore and TO 301)

Big Data Manipulation and Visualization --- We live in the age of Bid Data - large, complex data that cannot be processed using traditional tools. Companies are using recent abundance of Big Data to help make better decisions, build novel solutions to difficult problems and gain competitive advantage. However, companies are faced with scarcity of Data Analyst talent that can understand and work with Big Data. There is growing demand for professionals with skills in managing and manipulating Big Data and building Visualizations that can help explain and communicate the data and its analysis. To help students succeed in this growing field, these courses teach Big Data Manipulation using data analytics environment R, and Big Data Visualization using Tableau and R graphics packages including Ggplot2.