Business Thought and Action

Course Code
ES 310
3 hours
  • Winter 21

Business Thought and Action --- From customer discovery and building a business, through valuation and raising equity, this course introduces non-business students to the joys and challenges of being an entrepreneur. Students analyze and discuss actual business situations from the point of view of the business leaders and investors who must take action. Business cases analyzed cover startups and established companies in industries including high tech, big data, social media, drones, retail, advanced materials, medical devices, and economic development. The course is taught through a series of six modules: 1. Understanding customers and markets; 2. Building companies and supply chains; 3. Managing business performance; 4. Understanding business value creation; 5. Starting a company and raising capital; 6. Leading a company with an entrepreneurial mindset. While students are not required to have prior understanding of accounting or finance, having a basic understanding of these subjects as essential to building and running a business. This course provides an introduction to the basics of this "business math". Students learn how to build and read financial statements and the essence of business performance and valuation. Students solidify their understanding of these concepts through case analyses, presentations, group work, and discussions with the instructor and outside speakers.