Communicating to Connect

Course Code
WMBA 525
.75 hours
  • Spring 19

Communicating to Connect --- This is the first of three Business Communication courses in the Weekend MBA degree program focusing on communication objectives in the context of the overall curriculum. The courses provide a foundation of essential business communication principles and frameworks as well as a discussion of audience, channel, process, and planning considerations for both written and oral communication. The overall focus is leveraging communication concepts and skills to connect with receivers in a way that builds, rapport and accomplishes communication goals. Specifically, this course is designed around these following objectives: 1. Understand different communication considerations such as context, audience, goal, and channel selection; 2. Analyze and evaluate communication choices within business contexts, using analytic and rhetorical assessment tools and frameworks; 3. Recognize and adapt to style, cultural and organizational differences in communication; 4. Leverage collaborative communication to effectively produce documentation and presentations; 5. Gain confidence, ease and efficiency with professional communication through practice, reflection, feedback and revision.