The Corporation in Society

Course Code
3 hours
  • Fall 19

The Corporation in Society --- We live in extraordinary times. Corporations are among the wealthiest and most powerful institutions on the world's stage today. At the same time, corporations are more vulnerable than ever before. Globalization unleashed a set of competitive forces that place firms at risk, no matter their size. Managers face enormous pressure. Their firms' wealth and power act as a kind of magnet. Civil society routinely asks corporations to invest directly in our social life. Regardless of their productive capabilities, firms field requests to invest in such areas as education and health care. Managers must decide what, if anything, to do. And, at the same time, these same managers need to marshal their resources to produce and deliver high quality and profitable goods and services in a very competitive global marketplace. Leading a business that is at once socially responsive and economically competitive is a daunting challenge. This course will examine the role of the corporation in society and in so doing, begin to develop the leadership capability we need to meet these challenges.