Governing Nonprofit Organizations

Course Code
BA 601
1.5 hours
  • Fall 18 (B)

Governing Nonprofit Organizations --- This course prepares students to understand the roles of Boards of Nonprofit and nongovernmental Organizations, and to serve effectively as members of those boards. It is designed for students who are Board Fellows in the Center for Social Impact, which places UM graduate students as nonvoting members of boards of nonprofits in the region. The course is also open to MBA (or other graduate-level) students who are engaged with the board of a nonprofit organization, or who can arrange a relationship with a nonprofit organization for the duration of the course. "Arranging a relationship" means that the Executive Director and at lease one Board member will agree to allow to you to attend a board meeting or two, will meet with you to discuss the board and its role, will give you access to documents about the organization's strategy and performance, and will help you to define a project of benefit to the Board. During the course, students learn conceptual and theoretical frameworks that help them to understand the responsibilities of the board in governing the organization, and the unique challenges of board leadership in the nonprofit context. They apply their learning to understand the challenges facing the board with which they are affiliated. Students will carry out a multidisciplinary project that builds on real world insight into the workings and procedures of a nonprofit board. The projects contribute to the organization's success, while building a toolkit that students can use as future board members to deliver social impact.