Health Care Strategy

Course Code
EMBA 609
1.5 hours
  • Spring 20
  • Spring 21

Health Care Strategy --- This course is devoted to examining, understanding and crafting winning strategies for health care organizations. In the course we take the perspective of the owner or leader of a health care organization who's overarching responsibility is the success and survival of their company - whether providers, payers, or device or drug companies. On the one hand the principles of strategy serves us well for understanding overall competitiveness and success in the market, and in this regard health care is not exception. On the other hand health care is a unique market. Success and outcomes can be measured in more and varied ways. The economics of money flows in the market are, to say the lease, complex. The regulatory environment is highly uncertain. Perhaps most salient, health care is a deeply emotional matter. To this end we will spend a portion of the course understanding how the structure of the market, the demand for health care, and the regulatory environment affect the leader's task of crafting a winning strategy.