International Business Immersion

Course Code
BA 685

3 hours
Winter 23
2nd-year Full-Time MBA or Non-Ross Grad

International Business Immersion --- This course offers an opportunity for students to explore the business and policy environment of a country or region in depth. The course consists of three distinct parts: (1) campus-based learning about the target country's business and policy environment; (2) intensive travel and direct engagement with business and government leaders to gather information for a team-project research topic (travel done over winter break); and (3) analysis and synthesis of your findings in the form of group projects. These will be presented as business/policy briefs, as well as presentations to the Ross community. The campus-based learning, which takes place during Winter A, involves readings, discussions, guest speakers, and research on the focus country. Projects will explore a specific business or policy issue in the focus country.

BA 685 Section 001: Health Care Delivery in Emerging Markets

This class will look at business models for health care delivery in emerging markets. During Winter A, we will review a number of different examples, and the challenges facing those institutions. Students will work on team projects that delve more deeply into specific institutions in select countries. Students will travel to the specified country over spring break to interview relevant stakeholders. In Winter B, the teams will complete their data gathering and analysis and develop recommendations to be presented to the entire class and then the sponsors in April. 
The course is open by application only and limited to 25 students. Course information including timeline, expectations and project descriptions are available on the MCompass website (search for BA 685). You need to be logged into zoom to view the video on the course information. 

Application deadline is Nov 1 and students will be notified by Nov 3 (in time for your other course biddings). For more information, please email: