International Marketing Management

Course Code
MKT 615
1.5 hours
  • Winter 22 (A)
International Marketing Management --- Marketing problems arising from various degrees of foreign involvement (exports, licensing, foreign subsidiaries) are considered. Subjects include: marketing research, product planning and development, pricing, promotion, distribution, and organization for international marketing, with emphasis on the management response to parameters which differ from those in domestic marketing, i.e. international economic factors, foreign cultures, nationalism and government influences, economic development, etc.

This course aims to familiarize student with the issues facing the marketing manager in a global market environment. It provides participants with an opportunity to hone their appreciation of the factors affecting international marketing decisions, as well as to develop a systematic approach toward targeting specific markets, developing global marketing strategies and implementing them. Examples of issues that are addressed include:

  • Does country of origin matter?
  • When is global branding likely to be effective?
  • What factors determine the choice of entry and distribution strategies?

While primarily targeted at B-School students, the course is open to students elsewhere in the University.
Prerequisite: Marketing Core Course M501 or 503