Interpersonal Dynamics in Management

Course Code
MO 561
3 hours
  • Fall 18
  • Summer 18

Interpersonal Dynamics in Management --- This course provides you with a broad set of management skills that will help you bring out the best in your direct reports, peers, and bosses throughout your career. We will begin this course by discussing the characteristics that predict professional and personal success, as well as why some high potential individuals excel on the job while others derail. We will then focus on five foundations of effective relationships: self-awareness, developing trust, communicating effectively (including having difficult conversations), leveraging diversity, and developing power and influence. Next, we will focus on three types of work relationships every professional faces -- relationships with direct reports, peers, and bosses. Each of these relationships has rewards and challenges. We will then discuss the foundations of high-performing teams. Finally, we will focus on crafting a life that is both professionally and personally rewarding (e.g., work/life balance). The best practices are made memorable through readings, simulations, role-plays, movies, self-assessments, and other activities. The assignments for this class include an individual paper in which you develop an action plan designed to help you achieve your work/life goals, as well as a practical and creative team skill-training module designed to enhance class members' effectiveness, career development, and/or quality of life. The team skill training module is presented on the last day of class.