Introduction to Microfinance

Course Code
ES 644
2.25 hours
  • Fall 17 (B)
  • Fall 18 (B)

Introduction to Microfinance --- This live broadcast of a 7-week seminar speaker series hosted by the Haas School of Business University of California explores why and how microfinance operations have grown to proved financial services to poor and low-income people on a sustainable basis. The class brings together advice and best practices from successful practitioners and institutions around the world as well as new technology startups targeting the industry. This course will provide students with an excellent introduction to microfinance as an important development effort in the war against poverty, and it will also serve as an excellent forum to learn about current challenges and debates in the world of microfinance. This course represents a unique partnering with the Haas School of Business. A 2-hour webcast will be followed by an additional hour of discussion led by Ross faculty.