Legal Issues in Finance and Banking

Course Code
BL 507
1.5 hours
  • Winter 23 (B)
Graduate Standing excluding OMBA and (JD, MACL, LLM, or SJD)

Legal Issues in Finance and Banking --- Leaders in finance and banking operate in an environment fraught with legal risk. Financial companies are highly regulated, subject to strict supervision, and the target of frequent litigation. Moreover, the recent financial crisis and passage of the Dodd-Frank Act have increased scrutiny of the financial sector and created new types of legal risks. The goal of this course is to develop leaders of financial companies who are prepared to fulfill the legal aspects of their business responsibilities and who understand how their organizations can achieve competitive advantage by reducing legal risk and using the law responsibly to create economic value. The course will include coverage on legal issues related to securities law, systemically important firms, hedge funds and derivatives, and private equity and venture capital. This course is recommended for students pursuing careers in investment banking, financial services, corporate finance, private equity, venture capital, accounting, or consulting.

Taught By
Jeremy Kress
  • Assistant Professor of Business Law
Jeremy Kress is an Assistant Professor of Business Law at Michigan Ross and Co-Faculty Director of the University of Michigan’s Center on...