Managing Professional Relationships

Course Code
MO 615
1.5 hours
  • Winter 18 (A)
  • Winter 19 (A)

Managing Professional Relationships --- Effective leadership is effective relationship management. This course is designed to help managers think and act effectively to build high quality relationships with others. For individuals, high quality relationships generate and sustain energy, equipping people to do their work, and do it well. High quality relationships offer other benefits as well. In a world of continuous change, downsizing, and a press for speed, high quality relationships enable effective individual growth and adaptation to change. Research on managerial effectiveness and derailment also suggests that successful managers are skilled at understanding, managing and leveraging high quality relationships with others. High quality relationships also facilitate the speed and quality of learning, particularly where knowledge is tacit as opposed to explicit. In organizations where knowledge is the basis for competitive advantage, high quality relationships between people enable more effective individual and organizational learning. Finally, in the new economy and free-agent nation, individuals? commitment and identification with their work organization is no longer a given. Organizations can no longer trade employment security for cooperation and commitment. High quality relationships in organizations build individual commitment and cooperation. Managers of the 21st century need to be effective at building high quality relationships for themselves, and enabling the creation of high quality relationships for others.