Marketing Engineering

Course Code
MKT 630
2.25 hours
  • Winter 16 (B)
  • Winter 17 (B)

Marketing Engineering --- The structure and content of those employed in marketing is rapidly changing due to vast increases in desktop computer power and exploding volumes of marketing data. Professions such as marketing manager, account manager, market researcher and Marketing (research) consultant are evolving rapidly in the new technology intense marketing environment. New approaches to marketing are heavily dependent upon analytical tools, and the effectiveness of the new use of those tools depends on the knowledge and skills of the users. The new marketing looks like marketing engineering and is in need of people with marketing engineering skills. This course develops those skills.

Taught By
Fred Feinberg
  • Joseph Handleman Professor of Marketing
  • Professor of Statistics
  • Chair of Marketing
Prof. Feinberg's research examines how people make choices in uncertain environments. His work focuses on using statistical models to explain complex...