Mobile Innovation Development

Course Code
TO 426
3 hours
  • Fall 19

Mobile Innovation Development --- Mobile platforms have emerged as the preferred vehicle for delivering business innovation to consumers. BBA students specifically those with interests in entrepreneurship or career interests in mobile businesses, need to understand the unique requirements of mobile businesses to successfully design, develop, deploy and manage business innovations. This course is designed to help students conceptualizing, designing, developing, delivering and managing technology solutions by taking them through the application (app) development process covering the full spectrum from identifying customer needs to prototyping/simulating a mobile innovation solution. Students will learn business issues related to mobile businesses including business and revenue models, customer engagement through gamification and personalization, security and privacy challenges, role of big data and mobile analytics, and integration of emerging technology directions such as wearables, smart devices, loT, location based features and Social Media Integration. The course will seek to organize students in project groups with a combination of business, design and technology expertise. Project groups will then conceptualize, design and prototype/simulate a mobile business innovation throughout the course.