Professional Capstone: Designing Your Life to Thrive in the New World of Work

Course Code
MO 468

3 hours
Winter 23
STRATEGY 390 or MM (Master of Management)

Capstone - The Art and Science of Designing Your Life to Thrive in the New World of Work --- As you launch your post-Ross journey you will experience a great deal of change. Some of this change you can anticipate (new geography, new schedule, and new dress code, new boss, new coworkers). Other changes may sneak up on you (personal impact of evolving business landscape, job loss, challenging relationships with managers and colleagues, changing personal priorities). The course will introduce you to the science to help you learn to thrive for personal and professional success in the new world of work. The new world of work might be characterized by more flexibility and uncertainty. More people are switching jobs and careers at a more frequent clip. Sometimes this is by choice to learn new skills or move up the career ladder. Other times, employees may be choosing a more freelance or entrepreneurial career path. And for others, the choice to change jobs may be forced through corporate restructuring or displacement due to technology. Through this course you will reflect upon and synthesize your academic studies and action learning experiences to proactively crafts a meaningful career and life. Specifically, you will learn to apply your research-based management knowledge to adapt to your evolving professional and personal priorities, and the changing business world.