Real Estate Essentials

Course Code
FIN 517
3 hours
  • Fall 18
  • Fall 19

Real Estate Essentials --- The course gives students tools to help develop cities with vitality, including lively, transit-oriented downtowns and livable neighborhoods through real estate development and investment. This is an interdisciplinary course oriented towards students in business administration, urban and regional planning, urban design, public policy, law, landscape architecture, natural resources and environment, and others. Students work in teams to understand the art and science of creating walkable, transit oriented downtowns and livable neighborhoods. Key course elements include eleven lectures, an interdisciplinary team project, discussions, visiting experts, frequent reference to Ann Arbor for emerging trends in urban revitalization, use of current web resources, and a text on how to invest wisely in downtown real estate. The course uses surrounding villages, Detroit and national case studies as teaching tools. Entry level course for Real Estate Certificate Program. Link to the Certificate Program: