Research Methods in the Behavioral & Social Sciences

Course Code
BA 870

3 hours

Research Methods in the Behavioral and Social Sciences --- This course is designed to provide conceptual and operational skills needed to do and interpret basic and applied research in the behavioral, managerial, and social sciences. Particular focus will be on structural equation models (known also by such names as causal models, path analysis, analysis of covariance structures, simultaneous equation models with latent variables) with an aim to addressing measurement and hypothesis testing issues, as well as exploring the broader philosophical foundations and implications of the methods. We will cover such topics as reliability, validity, explanation, prediction, control, and understanding of individual, group, and organizational phenomena. Considerable emphasis will be placed on examination of assumptions, measurement, theory specification, theory operationalization, estimation of parameters, hypothesis testing, and interpretation of findings. In addition, such topics as questionnaire design, formative versus reflective indicators, confirmatory factor analysis, high order factor models, cross-sectional and longitudinal designs, recursive and non recursive models, survey and experimental research, multiple group analyses, and the role of cross-cultural inquiry will be considered.