Strategic Marketing for Product and Brand Managers

Course Code
MKT 430
3 hours
  • Winter 20
  • Winter 21
MTK 300 or 302 or 557

Strategic Marketing for Product and Brand Managers --- This is the capstone marketing course at the Ross School of Business. The purpose of this course is to develop sustainable marketing strategy keeping in mind the external dynamics of product markets. Another objective of the course is to familiarize students with cutting-edge trends and developments in the world of marketing and strategy. The course is targeted towards students with career interests in marketing, strategy, consulting, general management, and entrepreneurship. The course content spans multiple industries including technology, manufacturing, media, and consumer packaged goods. Material is presented using a mix of cases, lectures, live cases, and a group project.

Taught By
Katherine Burson
  • Associate Professor of Marketing
Katherine Burson explores judgment and decision making in consumer behavior, specifically examining systematic biases in self assessment such as over...
Amy Angell
  • Lecturer II in Marketing
As a marketing lecturer, consultant, and small business coach, I am a firm believer in investing time in relationships. Through my work, I have had...