An Executive Summary on Executive Ed


One of the greatest joys about working in a position like mine is experiencing the beginning of each academic year.

In just a few weeks, our second-year MBAs will be returning from their internships. Our Executive MBAs will be concluding their multidisciplinary action projects. Students in our Tauber Institute for Global Operations will be preparing final reports for their summer sponsors. And many of our BBAs will be fresh from their first real-world business experience through our Summer Action Learning Program in Consulting.

Summer is typically a quiet time on campus, but Ross defies the norm, thanks to our committed team in Executive Education. As I arrived in July they were hosting the school’s popular Advanced Human Resources Executive Program, taught by Dave Ulrich, Wayne Brockbank, Dick Beatty, and William Joyce. Some 18 countries were represented in the classroom, a testament to our faculty's collective expertise in strategic HR.

I recently did an interview with Black MBA magazine that focused on the value proposition of executive education, especially for those who already hold an MBA. Our advanced HR program is an outstanding example of how executive education can provide the just-in-time, practical knowledge that managers and executives need to excel in today’s complex business conditions.

No matter what degree one holds, sustaining competitive advantage is incredibly challenging these days. Traditional business models are giving way to new approaches to creating and capturing value. Technology is changing the way we interact with customers and suppliers. And emerging markets are opening alternative pathways to revenue creation.

In business today, executive education can be that critical catalyst to enhance one’s own competence, accelerate a team’s progress, or shift an organizational culture. It’s one of my key priorities as Ross School dean. So even as I anticipate the beginning of a new academic year, I celebrate the fact that, for the wise among us, school is always in session.

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