This Week I’m Reminded Why We Do What We Do


As I returned from a couple of days in London visiting with our alumni this week, I found myself reflecting on the forces that conspire to divide communities.

The horrific and senseless acts of violence that occurred in U.S. cities over the past several months and weeks have sparked many emotions -- sadness, anger, fear, and frustration, to name some. These events threaten to pull at the cultural and social fabric that weaves our community together.

It is times like these when I am reminded of why we do what we do. Here at Ross, we work tirelessly to build an inclusive culture where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to recognize our similarities, embrace and celebrate our differences, and learn from each other.

We develop leaders who are committed to inclusiveness and who have the ability to bring people together to make a positive difference in the world. I am proud of our mission and commitment to diversity and inclusion at Michigan Ross, and I recognize there is even more work to be done.

Our community is strong and resolute, and we have the opportunity and responsibility to set the standard that others will follow.

I have no doubt that we can influence the world around us for the better, and I look forward to discussing with you how we can work together to strengthen our commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture.

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Scott DeRue
  • Edward J. Frey Dean of Business
  • Stephen M. Ross Professor of Business
Scott DeRue is the Edward J. Frey Dean of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He is also the Stephen M. Ross...