It’s Time To Stop Demonizing Business


In a new blog I just posted to LinkedIn today, I outline how, rather than demonize business, we as as a society should work together to better improve our economy. It's an important discussion to have because business is the most powerful force to drive economic value and creating social change. You can read an excerpt of the blog below:

"The blaming of business for our ills gets us nowhere. Business is the most powerful force in society for creating economic value and enabling social mobility and change. Governments and NGOs play their parts. But business is the engine that drives economic and social prosperity. The private sector has enabled industrialized countries to develop. And in developing markets, the driving force is investments from businesses that enhance the flow of goods and services across borders and create jobs at every level of society. 

Too many people today want to dwell on companies “dodging” taxes and reincorporating overseas. Layer on top of that more rhetoric about how U.S. companies are “un-American” if they’re moving business outside of the country. I understand the anger and frustration, but business is the answer, not the enemy."

Check out the rest of the blog on LinkedIn.

It's Time To Stop Demonizing Business

There is a deeply troubling trend in this election season of demonizing business. It did not start with this year's campaign of Bernie Sanders or the polarizing campaign of real-estate tycoon Donald Trump. Indeed, it was in full force four years ago when candidate Mitt Romney's business experience was seen as a liability by many.


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