Celebrating 200 Years Of The University of Michigan With Reflections … and Cake


This year, the University of Michigan will be celebrating its bicentennial year.

The next several months will be full of many celebrations of the past, present, and future; and I was happy to kick it off this morning by welcoming our students back to campus with a birthday celebration and slices of cake.

The U-M bicentennial is an exciting time to celebrate and reflect on the unprecedented historical impact of our university while looking ahead to our next century of innovation. At Michigan Ross, we have the privilege of being part of one of the world’s best universities – the home to bold ideas and innovations that, over 200 years, have changed the world!

New medicines, new technologies, new business models, new forms of art and expression, and generations of students, like the ones we have in class today, who continue to leave their mark on the world.

Please join me in wishing the University of Michigan a very happy birthday!

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