Please Stand With Me In Support Of Our Values and Ideals


Many members of the Michigan Ross community are understandably troubled by the recent executive order from the White House barring admission to the United States of Syrian refugees and imposing a 90-day ban on all immigrant and nonimmigrant entry from seven Muslim-majority nations.

At this time of national and international concern, I want to reaffirm, in the strongest terms, our values and unwavering commitment to global diversity, equity and inclusion.

We will protect the rights of all our community members, and continue to do everything we can within the law to attract, educate and support academic talent, at all levels, from around the world.

As a community, we acknowledge the strain this executive order has caused, most notably for those from the impacted countries and their family members and friends. We stand with you, and you have our full support.

What Now? An Open Discussion

At a practical level, the current situation is both fluid and full of considerable uncertainty, and thus there are many questions about what is to come and what can be done.

We are holding “open discussion” gatherings for people to ask questions. Please pay attention to your e-mail from the Student Government Association and Michigan Ross for details.

In addition, the University of Michigan’s International Center is compiling resources and offering specific recommendations.

Finally, at Michigan Ross, we are working to understand the impact of this executive order on members of our community and will work with them to ensure their safety and well-being, to the extent possible, throughout this period of uncertainty.

It is during challenging times when we discover our true character. This is neither the first nor the last time we will be tested, but this is an important moment in our history that will define who we are and what we stand for.

Please stand with me for the values and ideals that are essential for a globally diverse and inclusive community.

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Scott DeRue