GHSC Summit 2023; Prize Competition


Global Healthcare Supply Chain Excellence in Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries [1]

Challenges in managing supply chains to deliver good health outcomes in global health contexts abound, particularly when factors beyond the control of supply chain managers such as infrastructure, port clearance delays, weather, governance issues, location of clinics, human resource capabilities, etc. all impact success. Despite such challenges, we see stories of remarkable success in improving health delivery and outcomes that leverage partnerships between organizations, and in cooperation with governments, NGOs and donors, deploying innovative and appropriate technology and human resource practices. We seek to recognize such organizations with the GHSCS Prize for Healthcare Supply Chain Excellence, celebrating and sharing the practices that have delivered documented success.

The organization with a winning submission will be recognized with a $2,500 prize; runners up will receive certificates recognizing their finalist selection. The review panel will be comprised of experts with experience in global health contexts. This panel will review submitted projects to select the finalists and judge the final presentations during the Summit to select a winner. None of the reviewers will be involved in any of the projects themselves.

[1] The eligible Low and Lower Middle Income countries are listed in the World Bank website.

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