We the Leader - Interview with Jeffrey Spahn

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:15pm
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Bio of Jeffrey Spahn

Jeffrey Spahn is the founder and president of Leading Leaders Inc. For more than 20 years he has coached and analyzed top business and their teams. Jeff’s journey into innovative leadership was sparked by experiences as a high school athlete and member of the University of Michigan football team. His business degree from the University of Michigan and doctorate from the University of Chicago ground his practice in sound scholarship. Beyond his formal education Jeff found himself in a workshop with a group of researchers from MIT on genuine dialogue grounded in the thinking of the physicist David Bohm. From here he went into training at the renowned Second City school of improvisation. Above all, through working with clients including industry leaders such as Capital Group, Steelcase and Encova he forged the unique organic diversity, equity and inclusive operating system called We the Leader®.

Board memberships have included GoProdigii, a multi-sided technology and business services company that serves entrepreneurs, Omnia Institute for Contextual Leadership and The Chicago Moving Company, a modern dance enterprise.

We the Leader Introduction                  

There was a time when top-down leadership worked like a charm, but that time has long passed. We all know the traditional hierarchies that reward conformity, inequity, and exclusion are a drain on organizations. But as a leader, how do you break old organizational habits and cultures, leverage the collective creativity of your workforce, and drive positive business results?

Jeffery Spahn has helped industry leading companies like Capital Group, Steelcase, and Encova develop and implement powerful collaborative leadership models, and in We the Leader, he shares his winning methods with you. Spahn walks you through the process of developing a new perspective on the very nature of leadership and embracing a highly effective alternative approach—an evolved process and exceptional practice for leading leaders that is backed by the latest neuroscience. We the Leader explains how to:

·         Incorporate an organic diversity, equity, and inclusion operating system

·         Lead leaders in a way that expands and harmonizes all the chiefs on the executive team

·         Transmute conflict into creativity and trust

·         Meld the strengths of different leadership styles

·         Design and run meetings that are productive and inspiring

·         Mold complexity and ambiguity into innovation and high performance

 We the Leader describes both a process and a series of practical steps you can employ to transform your teams and organization in a way to create conditions necessary for collective flow, innovation, and execution. Throughout you'll find out best practices from major leaders including the CEO of a global top #15 company.

In today’s fast-moving, digitally driven business landscape, you need to be agile and responsive. That doesn’t happen when one person is calling all the shots. It’s abundantly clear that you’ll find more innovation and creative problem solving in we than you will in me. Now’s the time to tap into and leverage the leadership capacities of every employee to build a nimble organization designed for the twenty-first century way of doing business.

 To purchase and take the We the Leader assessment go to www.WetheLeader.com.