Open Filters
Allan Afuah
  • Professor of Strategy
Felipe Csaszar
  • Associate Professor of Strategy
Gunter Dufey
  • Professor Emeritus of Corporate Strategy and International Business
  • Professor Emeritus of Finance
Justin Frake
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
Cheng Gao
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
Thomas Gladwin
  • Professor Emeritus of Sustainable Enterprise
  • Professor Emeritus of Strategy
Erik Gordon
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
Derek Harmon
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
Michael Jensen
  • Professor of Strategy
Aneel Karnani
  • Professor of Strategy
Gareth Keeves
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Brad Killaly
  • Associate Dean, Full-Time and Global MBA Programs
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Strategy
Ken Lieberthal
  • Professor Emeritus of Business Administration
Linda Lim
  • Professor Emerita of Corporate Strategy and International Business
Noel Maurer
  • Visiting Associate Professor
Brooke McFall
  • LEO Intermittment Lecturer
Len Middleton
  • Lecturer of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Anuradha Nagarajan
  • Lecturer of Strategy
Joan Penner-Hahn
  • LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Christopher Rider
  • Thomas C. Kinnear Professor and Associate Professor of Strategy
Jordan Siegel
  • Associate Professor of Corporate Strategy
  • Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Faculty Fellow
  • Chair of Strategy
James P. Walsh
  • A.F. Thurnau Professor
  • Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration
  • Professor of Management & Organizations
  • Professor of Strategy
Dongni Wan
  • LEO Lecturer I in Strategy
James Westphal
  • Harvey C. Fruehauf Professor of Business Administration
  • Professor of Strategy
  • Co-Director of ICOS