Eric Svaan

Eric Svaan

  • Lecturer of Technology and Operations
  • MS Carnegie Mellon University 1989
  • MBA Indiana University 1983
  • AB Indiana University 1973

Contact Information

(734) 763-3298
(734) 764-2555

Eric Svaan has taught a wide variety of Operations Management courses in MBA, MSCM, BBA and executive programs at the University of Michigan since 1991. He stays in touch with current operations practice by reading widely, advising many MAP and Tauber Institute student projects, touring factories and service operations, discussing cases with students, executives and colleagues, and complaining loudly any time he is forced to wait in line for anything. Eric hates cruelty, stupidity and waste. He loves America, his wife and 3 daughters, his son in law, poetry and music (especially rock-and-roll and classical), and the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

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