Indrajit Mitra

Indrajit Mitra

  • Assistant Professor of Finance
  • PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015
  • PhD Princeton University 2003
  • MSc Indian Institute of Technology 1998
  • BSc Indian Institute of Technology 1996

Contact Information

(734) 763-8636

Indrajit Mitra is an Assistant Professor in Finance. He joined the Ross School in 2015. His research interests cover theoretical and empirical topics in finance and macro-economics. His research has analyzed distortions induced by financial frictions in the dynamics of macro-economic aggregate quantities and asset prices. He is also interested in analyzing the effects generated by heterogeneity both on the household and the firm side.

Indrajit has worked in the equity factor modeling group at MSCI, Barra and in the quantitative research group at Thomson Financial. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, a PhD in theoretical Physics from Princeton University, and a PhD in Finance from MIT.

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