Neil Sendelbach

Neil Sendelbach

  • Adjunct Professor in Executive Education
  • PhD Michigan State University 1981

Contact Information

(734) 453-9391

Neil Sendelbach is Professor of Executive Education at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He teaches in the Management of Managers Executive Education program. He also consults to a variety of companies on management development and organization change initiatives and develops custom executive education programs and processes. He has developed and teaches the Becoming an Exceptional Coach program in Executive Education. He also is involved in the Executive Coaching service delivered through Executive Education.

Previously he was Vice President, Executive Learning at Personnel Decisions International (PDI), where he had world-wide responsibility for integrating executive training resources, tools, and services.  In that position he arranged and managed partnerships in the development and implementation of management and executive programs for clients.

Sendelbach has over twenty five years of experience in various aspects of education, training, and held various management positions with Ford Motor Company, General Instrument Corporation, and United Technologies. Neil has taught and consulted in more than 46 countries and is very comfortable in diverse cultural settings.

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