The Center for Value Chain Innovation partners with industry to promote greater innovation and excellence in value chains through interdisciplinary research, thought leadership, education, and a proliferation of ideas that address critical business and societal issues.

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Areas of Focus

The CVCI provides solutions to the most significant value chain issues facing businesses today.

Projects typically fall into one or more of the following areas:

Technology & Business Ecosystem Innovation

Discover how advances in technology are enabling unprecedented opportunities to not only increase efficiency and bridge resource gaps, but facilitate innovative business and ecosystem models for value creation.


Explore innovative strategies to manage (product and service) value chains for sustainability, resiliency, and efficiency through design, operations, pricing, analytics, and partnerships.

Emerging Market Ecosystems

Take a deep dive into the unique challenges of managing global value chains in and across developing nations through innovative business models and ecosystem approaches.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Value Chain

Learn how value chain innovation can improve the efficiency and efficacy of healthcare delivery around the world using technology, analytics, and business model thinking.

Ross Thought in Action

Ross Thought In Action

Demand for Free Shipping Slipping?

Professor Amitabh Sinha’s survey shows customers paying more for shipping, but same-day demand dwindles.
Ross Thought In Action

Will the U.S. Finally Get E-commerce Groceries Right?

New Michigan Ross research shows why e-commerce in groceries lags in the U.S., and if it might be ready to take off.
Ross Thought In Action

Understanding Positive Business: Supply Chain Management

Professor Ravi Anupindi explains how to create symbiotic supply relationships that grow the pie for everyone.

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The Tauber Institute partnership between Ross and the U-M College of Engineering leverages the strengths of both schools to achieve higher levels of success in supply chain, operations, and manufacturing.

Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise

The Erb Institute is a collaboration between Ross and the U-M School of Natural Resources and Environment that fosters sustainable enterprise through research and education.

William Davidson Institute

The William Davidson Institute develops and disseminates research and expertise on issues affecting firms in emerging-market economies.

Technology and Business Innovation Forum

The Technology and Business Innovation Forum advances the management, development, and application of emerging technologies to innovate business practices and create new value.