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Cryptocurrencies: High Volatility and Returns

Study by Professor Uday Rajan and colleagues highlights the lack of regulation in the market.

Initial Coin Offerings Hyped and Dehyped: An Empirical Examination

Professors Andrew Wu and Robert Dittmar find that ICOs have outperformed other cryptocurrencies.


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Michigan Ross MBAs Helped Shape What’s Next in FinTech

Carrying cash has almost become a thing of the past, and soon enough, so will be carrying a wallet: the increasing intersection of finance and technology has made the process of paying for items more virtual than ever before. This sea change is providing tons of opportunities for all kinds of...
Dividend 2018

The Big Blockchain Question

Will cryptocurrencies and other uses take over the world, or are they more hype than reality?

Student Voices

Student Voices

Why I Started Michigan’s Biggest FinTech Club, And How You Can Join

By Rishi Prasad, BBA ‘20 As a society, we are in the early stages of one of the largest and most exciting opportunities of our lifetime: the global reimagination of financial services, also known as FinTech. FinTech (“financial technology”) refers to the dynamic and ever-growing intersection...
Student Voices

I Went To The Largest Bitcoin Conference In History — And It Wasn’t At All What I Expected

Myself and 11 other members from the Wolverine Crypto Trading club recently had the chance to attend the largest event in cryptocurrency history. This was my first time attending a major crypto event, and there were a few things I wasn’t expecting.