Winter 2019

Date time location speaker & topic
Jan 18 10:30-12:00 R0230

Yufeng Wu, University of Illinois

Managerial Control Benefits
and Takeover Market Efficiency​

Feb 8 10:30-12:00 R0230

Laura Lindsey, ASU​

Exploration or Exploitation?
Hedge Funds in Venture Capital​

Feb 22 10:30-12:00 R0230

Emily Gallagher, Colorado ​

Medicaid and Household Savings Behavior:
New Evidence from Tax Refunds

Mar 15 10:30-12:00 R0230

Cecilia Bustamante, Maryland​

Supply Chain Bargaining and Asset Prices​

Mar 22 10:30-12:00 R0230

Andres Donangelo, UT Austin​

Priceless Consumption​

Mar 29 10:30-12:00 R0230

Joseph Engelberg, UCSD​

Are Cross-Sectional Predictors
Good Market-Level Predictors?​

Apr 5 10:30-12:00 R0230

Sydney Ludvigson, NYU​

How the Wealth Was Won:
Factor Shares as Market Fundamentals​

Apr 12 10:30-12:00 R0230

Michaela Pagel, Columbia​

The Consumption Effects of the Disposition to Sell Winners and Hold on to Losers​

Apr 18 10:30-12:00 R1240

Andrey Malenko, MIT Sloan

Asymmetric Information and Security Design Under Knightian Uncertainty


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