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What happens to applications that arrive after the deadline?

Applications must arrive in our office by the deadline to be considered during a particular period. Applications that arrive after a deadline are processed in the order they were received and may be moved to the next decision period.

What are the relevant application deadlines?

The Ross MM Program is a summer term start only. Admission is rolling so we strongly encourage you to apply early.  International students must apply by Feb. 1, 2019, to ensure sufficient time for visa processing. Domestic applicants must apply by March 1, 20019. Your application and all supporting materials must be on file in the Office of Admissions before your application can be considered complete and ready for review.

How do I submit supplemental information (e.g., transcripts or a letter of recommendation) if I am unable to upload it with my online application?

If there was a problem submitting transcripts or a recommendation via the online application, you can scan these items and attach them to a support ticket. Please include your name and date of birth in the email, and let us know that supplemental information is being sent because it could not be submitted online.

How important is it to have extracurricular activities detailed in the application?

We are looking for individuals who will be highly involved at Ross and later as alumni. One way for us to gauge future involvement is by looking at past and recent involvement.

Is an interview required?

All applicants being considered for admission to the Master of Management program will be required to interview. Interviews can take place in person, via Skype, or by phone.

I was not accepted to the MM Program. Can I appeal?

Except in some rare cases, decisions are final. However, you may appeal the decision by putting the request in writing to the Master of Management Program managing director. The appeal must include additional information that you feel would have an impact on your application (e.g., a promotion, job change, etc.). No applications will be reviewed if new information is not included with the appeal. Letters can be sent to: Master of Management Program Office, 700 East University, Kresge Hall, 2nd Floor, Suite K2520, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234 or to

Does Ross grant deferrals?

Deferral requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and are rarely granted. Requests to defer admission to the MM Program should be submitted in writing to the MM Program managing director. A detailed explanation of the request and appropriate documentation are required.

Are certain parts of the application more important than others?

All parts are important, especially when competing against many other excellent applicants. It is important to show you have a clear sense of your skills, explain why the MM Program makes sense for you, and define your goals for the future.

Do pass/fail undergraduate courses taken at the University of Michigan count against me?

When you submit your undergraduate transcript, you should ask the Registrar to include documentation showing the grade behind a pass/fail. It is also acceptable if students ask faculty or departments to send letters to attest to the actual grades.

What is the typical academic schedule?

MM is a lock-step program, which includes core courses taken as a cohort in the summer (June-August), fall, and winter terms.  Please view the MM Curriculum Map that is on the Curriculum Page of the Master of Management website.

Can I waive out of required courses based on placement exams or previous course enrollment?

No. The MM Program's curriculum cannot be altered.

Do most applicants write the optional essay?

It varies. The essay is primarily offered to give applicants a place to tell the admissions committee pertinent information that has not been addressed in the other areas of the application. For example, if there are gaps in your resume, the optional essay could be used to explain them.

What type of information should be included in my personal statement?

Your personal statement provides you the opportunity to tell us about yourself and your background. You should address why you are interested in the Master of Management program at the Ross School, your objectives during your time in the program, and your career goals after graduation. Your personal statement is your opportunity to expand on your resume, discuss your previous work / internship experiences and how these experiences have impacted you.

What should I do if my recommender has not received my online invitation to recommend me?

This tends to be a problem with a recommender's email account spam or junk email filter settings. The emailed invitation is either blocked or automatically filtered into a junk mail folder. You can check the status of your recommendations, resend a recommendation request, and even update a recommender if the recommendation is not yet started via the Personal Activity page. You can access this under the "Apply Online" section of your online application homepage by clicking on the Review Your Submitted Application/Manage Your Recommendations link.

What are the requirements for applying to the MM Program?

All Ross MM applicants must be in the process of completing or have completed the equivalent of an accredited four-year U.S. bachelor's degree in virtually any field of study within the two years prior to beginning the MM Program. Successful candidates will have a strong academic background in their chosen area of undergraduate study. Candidates with a business major are not eligible to apply. As part of the application process, you will be evaluated on your qualitative and quantitative potential for success in the program. Candidates must have completed the equivalent of a Pre-calculus course or an Introduction to Statistics course. Equivalent courses at the University of Michigan would be Math 105 or Stats 250.  Personal essays and letters of recommendation are used as critical indicators. Candidates may be asked to interview with MM Program staff. See the Requirements page for more information.

Am I required to complete a college-level calculus course?

No; however, due to the analytical rigor of the program, it is expected that students have a working knowledge of college-level mathematics or statistics. Students must have completed the equivalent of Math 105 or Stats 250 offered at the University of Michigan.

How do I transfer into the MM Program?

We will not admit individuals who have already earned an MM or equivalent degree from another institution, whether accredited or unaccredited. No previous course work will transfer into our MM Program. In addition, students admitted to Michigan's Ross School of Business may not be simultaneously enrolled in two graduate programs.

Can I apply to the MM Program directly after receiving my undergraduate degree?

Yes, most of our students come directly out of an undergraduate degree program.

Is a three-year undergraduate degree from India acceptable to apply?

Yes, we will consider applicants who hold a three-year undergraduate degree from India.

Do I need to have work experience to apply to the Ross MM?

No, we do not require work experience. However, if you have had some work experience, whether through a part-time job or a summer internship, please include that information in your application so that it may be considered during our review. The majority of candidates applying to the MM Program are doing so for admission immediately after completing undergraduate coursework. As such, work experience will often be limited to summer internships or other non-full-time experience. Other candidates may have one year of post-undergraduate work experience. We seek diversity in the professional backgrounds of our admitted students, just as we do in other parts of our applicants' profiles. No one industry or field is favored over another. We are more interested in the applicant's contribution to the group or organization and how he/she may have made a difference. Candidates with two or more years of full-time work experience are encouraged to apply to one of our other graduate degree programs. Class profiles, program descriptions, and admission requirements for each of those programs can be found here

Do you offer a hardcopy application?

No, we do not accept hardcopy applications. You can only apply using our online application.

When should I apply for admission?

Candidates are encouraged to apply as early in the admission cycle as possible. No applications will be accepted after March 1, 2019.

Can I have my application fee waived?

The application fee is waived for applicants who have served in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America within three years of applying. It is also waived for current or former members of the U.S. Military. We do not waive application fees for any other reason. You should request a fee waiver prior to submitting your application by creating a new support ticket and attaching proof of service in one of the above organizations. Please indicate the program to which you will be applying.

Who should I choose as my recommenders?

We require two letters of recommendation. We suggest you request recommendations from persons who have been directly responsible for assessing your academic performance and/or professional experience. Examples might include faculty members who can speak of your achievements and accomplishments, a previous manager or internship supervisor, or someone with whom you have worked in a volunteer capacity through a student club or organization. The recommendation forms are completed online by your recommenders. It is important that recommendations provide details and/or examples to support opinions about an applicant. For example, the statement "Julie is a great student" does not provide as much insight as a concrete example of how well Julie performed in-class assignments and outside of class when faced with certain responsibilities and challenges. Recommendations that state strong feelings (either positive or negative) without examples are not helpful.

How do I check my Michigan residency status?

Contact the residency office at 734-764-1400. Residency information also is available online at