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How long are GMAT/GRE scores valid?

Ross will keep GMAT/GRE scores on file for two years. Test scores are valid for five years from the date you took the test to the deadline date when you apply; scores more than five years old are not acceptable. We encourage you to take the GMAT/GRE no later than one month prior to the application deadline, and preferably earlier. If you take the test close to an application deadline, you should include an unofficial score report with your application.

What is the minimum GMAT required for admission to the MSCM Program?

There is no minimum score requirement. Students are, however, always compared to the current pool of applicants. The average middle 80 percent of students admitted into the Ross MSCM Program score between 650-740. Please keep in mind that your GMAT score is only one of a number of criteria we review in determining admission. If your scores are below our average or do not fall within this range, we still encourage you to apply. You may, however, want to consider retaking the GMAT to improve your score.

How long will it take for my GMAT scores to be sent to Ross after I take the test?

Academic institutions generally receive scores within 10 business days after the test is given. It has been known to take longer, so allow plenty of time. To have scores automatically sent to Ross select the University of Michigan school name in your GMAT profile. If you are uncertain as to whether we will receive your official scores by the deadline, you can fax your unofficial score report to our office at 734-763-7804 or send it via mail to 701 Tappan St., Room E2540, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-1234.

What is the minimum GRE score required for admission to the MSCM Program?

There is no minimum GRE score requirement. Students are, however, always compared to the current pool of applicants. Currently, 80 percent of applicants admitted to the MSCM program have a GRE score of 1300 (per old score range) or greater with a higher percentage on the quantitative portion of the exam. Average quantitative score is above 700 (per old score range) or above 155 (per new score range). Please keep in mind that your GRE score is only one of a number of criteria we review in determining admission. If your score is below the average or does not fall within this range, we still encourage you to apply. You may, however, want to consider retaking the GRE to improve your score. The institutional code to have GRE scores automatically sent to Ross is 1839.

What is the GPA requirement for applying to the MSCM Program?

There is no minimum GPA requirement. Most admitted students have GPAs of 3.3 and above.

Are there instances in which I wouldn't be required to take the TOEFL or PTE?

International applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution where the sole language of instruction was English are exempt from the TOEFL requirement.

How long are TOEFL/PTE scores valid?

TOEFL/PTE scores taken within two years of the application deadline are valid.

How much work experience do I need before I can apply?

We do not require a minimum number of years of work experience prior to entering the MSCM Program.  We evaluate work experience, not in terms of quantity but in terms of quality, the impact the applicant has had on their organization, and his or her natural leadership qualities. All applicants should use the application to demonstrate what they will be able to contribute to the Ross experience. In addition, candidates should come to the program with strong academic credentials, as well as the maturity and self-confidence to handle the intensity of the program.

What type of undergraduate major or work experience are you looking for in the admissions process?

We seek diversity in the backgrounds of our admitted students, just as we do in other parts of our applicants' profiles. No one undergraduate major,  industry or field is favored over another. We are more interested in the applicant's contribution to the group or organization. 

Do you require the GMAT? Can I take the GRE instead?

The GMAT is a required component of our application but Ross accepts the GRE as an alternative to the GMAT. Your performance on either exam will be used as part of our assessment of your academic ability, and you are at no advantage or disadvantage by taking one exam instead of the other.

Can I transfer into the MBA Program?

Ross MSCM students cannot transfer into the MBA Program.

Who should I choose as my recommenders?

You should choose recommenders who can comment in depth on your professional performance and work product and provide relevant examples. At least one should come from a direct supervisor.

  • We recognize that you may not wish to inform your current supervisor about your plans to pursue an MBA. If that is the case, you should choose an alternative recommender such as a former manager, client, or a supervisor from an extracurricular organization. 
  • Since we use the recommendations to learn about you as a working professional, recommendations from former professors do not tend to be effective.

Do I need to schedule an interview?

No. Interviews will be conducted by invitation only. If the admissions committee invites you to interview, you will receive the invitation and scheduling information via email. The interview provides the admissions committee with more information about you. It is not an indication of the outcome of your application. Interviews are typically conducted by faculty in the Operations and Management Science department, advisory council members, and Ross alumni. Interviews may be conducted in person or by telephone.

Do most applicants write the optional essay?

It varies, but it is recommended. The essay is primarily there to give applicants a place to tell the admissions committee pertinent information that has not been addressed in the other areas of the application. For example, if there are gaps in your resume, the optional essay could be used to explain them.

How important is it to have extracurricular activities detailed in the application?

We are looking for individuals who will be highly involved at Ross and later as alums. One way for us to gauge future involvement is by looking at past and recent involvement.

What happens to applications that arrive after the deadline?

Applications must arrive in our office by the deadline to be considered during a particular period. Applications that arrive after a deadline are processed in the order they were received and on a space-available basis.

My friend received a call informing her that she had been accepted. I haven't received a call. Does that mean I wasn't accepted?

No, this does not automatically mean you have not been accepted. When possible, the admissions committee will try to call or email admitted applicants to inform them of the decision, but we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be contacted. You will be able to access your decision online on the decision notification date that corresponds with the round in which you applied.

Can I reapply to the Master of Supply Chain Management MSCM Program if I wasn't accepted previously?

Yes. You can apply to the next available admitting term. Reapplication procedures are streamlined if you reapply within two years.

How do I reapply? Do I have to fill out the whole application again?

Reapplicants must submit an updated resume, new application forms, and one new letter of recommendation, along with the application fee. Additionally, reapplicants must include a cover letter discussing experiences since the last application. Although not required, we strongly encourage reapplicants to respond to one or more of our essay questions. International reapplicants also need to resubmit official documentation of funding. Credentials and other supporting materials sent with your initial application will be held for two years. If you reapply after that time, you must submit a completely new application and supporting documents.

I was not accepted to the Master of Supply Chain Management Program. Can I appeal?

Except in some rare cases, decisions are final. However, you may appeal the decision by putting the request in writing to the Director of Admissions. The appeal must include additional information that you feel would have an impact on your application (e.g., a promotion, job change, etc.). No applications will be reviewed if new information is not included with the appeal. Letters can be sent to: Office of Admissions, 700 East University, Kresge Hall, 2nd Floor, Suite K2520, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1234 or via email to

Can I have my application fee waived?

The application fee is waived for applicants who have served in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America within three years of applying. It is also waived for current or former members of the U.S. military. We do not waive application fees for any other reason. You should request a fee waiver prior to submitting your application by creating a new support ticket and attaching proof of service in one of the above organizations. Please indicate the program to which you will be applying.

What is the minimum TOEFL or PTE score required for international students who apply to the MSCM program?

We strongly recommend a TOEFL score of 100 or higher on the internet-based test (iBT). Ross' TOEFL score reporting code is 1839. Ross will accept the PTE score as an alternative to the TOEFL, and we strongly recommend a score of 70 or higher.

Do I need to submit a WES evaluation?

If you have earned or will earn your undergraduate degree from a non-U.S. institution, then you will need to submit your credentials to WES for a Course-by-Course evaluation

Where do I upload my WES evaluation report in the application?

 You will receive a personal copy of the evaluation report from WES. We ask that you scan your personal copy and upload into the application in the "Previous Education" section. Please be sure to also send the evaluation report to the Ross School of Business - Specialized Master's Programs. Please ensure the WES evaluation is complete prior to submitting your program application.