It has been said that business cannot survive if society fails.

That truth is the driving force behind positive business: a growing recognition among government leaders and corporate executives that business has a vital role to play in solving the big problems of our time. Problems that range from employment opportunities to climate change and healthcare access. Problems that jeopardize our collective well-being. This is not a new idea for Ross but rather part of a long tradition. For generations, our students, alumni, and faculty have pursued a dual goal of building successful economic enterprises while using business to make a positive impact in the world.


Because it’s a win-win strategy that translates into strong bottom-line results. Healthy shareholder profits. Sustainable business growth. Good outcomes for customers. Support for employee development. Leadership that maximizes the potential of others. Creativity and innovation at every level of the organization. And, ultimately, a positive and enduring impact on the community, the nation, and the world.


Because no business school in the world is better positioned, better equipped, or better prepared to take on the challenge of developing business leaders who can make a positive difference. Because our graduates are action-oriented, steeped in the fundamentals, and able to handle anything the world throws at them. Because they are fierce competitors but also collaborative problem solvers. Because they are driven to succeed but also passionate about using business as a means of benefiting their employees, their communities, and their world. Because, as alumni of one of the world’s leading public business schools, they share the values of our public mission.

One of the real strengths of the Ross community is that it doesn’t view business as a narrow enterprise focused solely on building value. It is about building value. But it’s also about having the right values and the right approach to leadership. Emphasizing the positive aspects of what business can do for the world is part of the foundation of Ross, of the Michigan community.

— Tom Jones, BBA '68, MBA '71