As a public institution, we operate on a unique set of principles derived from our history and public mission.

As a public institution, we operate on a unique set of principles derived from our history and public mission.

Our graduates, faculty, and students are not only dedicated to creating successful business organizations but eager to explore ways of using their business acumen as a positive force in the world.

Therein lies the Ross advantage. Creating this new paradigm of business education is our challenge —one for which Ross is uniquely qualified. By building on our core values, principles, and ideals, we will advance the world’s knowledge about:

  • How business can effectively make a positive difference in the world while generating profit for shareholders, and
  • How business leaders can be imbued with the skills and knowledge necessary to do well by doing good


WE WILL be the leading center of excellence for positive business.

WE WILL be the most collaborative and boundaryless business school in the world—aligning ourselves with partners across campus and around the globe.

WE WILL be one of the most prolific and influential institutions of academic business research in the world and a hub for practice-oriented knowledge.

WE WILL be the global leader in action-based learning.

WE WILL be the vanguard of lifelong business education, continuously making new connections, generating new opportunities, and setting new standards of innovation.

Every dollar helps Ross do something better. Whether it’s a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand dollars or a hundred million dollars, any gift you can make at any time will be put to good use, because it’s going to help Ross do a better job of preparing our students.

— Mitch Mondry, MBA '86