The 2020 Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA Application is Now Live — Plus Tips for Applying in Round 1


If you’re ready, we’re ready! 

The Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA Application for Fall 2020 is now live. After reviewing last year’s application, we decided to keep it nearly the same. 

We slightly reworded one of the short answer prompts from “I find it challenging when people” to “I was challenged when”. I discussed the essays in a recent blog post here

Additionally, for international applicants, we now accept the IELTS in addition to the TOEFL. 


Michigan Ross Essay Questions and Application Deadlines for 2019/2020

This year, we’re pushing the Round 2 deadline back a bit so applicants have a little more time after the holidays to finish apps. Check out deadlines and essay questions here.

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That’s it. Everything else is the same as last year’s application. 

We know how stressful the application process can be. That’s why we designed the application to be as easy on you and your supporters as possible. For example, we require only one recommendation letter

We’ve found that one recommender’s perspective is enough to give us helpful insights about you. The best recommenders are those who can speak about your professional performance and work style. We generally like to see recommendations from a current supervisor, but if you don’t want to ask your current supervisor, you can ask a project manager, a client, a former supervisor, or, in the case of entrepreneurs, an investor. 

In addition, we use the Common Recommendation Form offered by GMAC. Your recommenders are busy, and this way they will answer the same questions and use the same rating grid for each school that uses it. Ross is one of four Top 10 business schools that accepts the common rec. 

Finally, you are automatically considered for scholarships. There is no separate application to fill out or extra work for you to do. We look at your application to assess your professional and personal achievements, academic ability, and potential to contribute to the Ross community in order to determine awards. 

If you’re admitted, we will tell you if you received an award (and the amount) straight away; we put everything on the table during that phone call. We do this to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best possible decision for you. This past year, we awarded more scholarships than ever, especially to international students. 

So, are you ready? 

Whether you’re planning to apply later in the year or charging ahead to submit in Round 1, we’re looking forward to getting to know you through your apps, and possibly on the road. Click here to find an MBA Admissions Event event near you

Looking for more application tips? Check out our Getting Ready for Round 1 Webinar:  

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