GMAT vs. GRE - Which Test Should You Take If Applying To A Top MBA Program?


Candidates often ask us whether it’s better to take the GMAT or GRE. The answer: it’s entirely up to you! 

We admit students who have taken both tests, and we don’t favor one over the other. 

If you’re unsure how to make the decision about which test to take, there are many resources online that offer comparison tools to help you find which test best fits your style and plays to your strengths.

And if you need to retake either test because you don’t like your initial score: Don’t worry about that either! Our team will use the highest score when assessing your application so you can rest assured knowing that sending us another score won’t hurt you. 

Moreover, we view it favorably when an applicant strives to do better if their score isn’t where they think it could be. And while your performance on either test isn’t the “most important” part of the application (no single part of the application is), you want to be sure you put your best foot forward because it is one of the ways we measure your ability to handle the academic rigor of our MBA coursework. 

Which score is most important? 

Both the GMAT and GRE have sub-scores for the quantitative and verbal portions of the test, as well as integrated reasoning and writing assessments. We often hear applicants wondering how we weigh the relative importance of each section. It depends. 

We look for demonstrated ability to handle the quantitative and verbal work that you’ll do in our program. That could be demonstrated through the tests, through your undergraduate transcript, or your work experience. For example, if you were a finance major and worked in banking prior to the MBA but your GMAT quantitative score was on the lower side, we won’t be as concerned about your ability to do the quant work. However, if you were an art major and took no quantitative courses in undergrad and didn’t work in a quantitative job, we wouldn’t have evidence of your ability to do the work here. 

No matter which test you decide to take (or re-take), remember to take practice tests in a timed situation so you know how to pace yourself on the day of the real test.

Good luck! 

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