The Keys to Getting In (the Second Time Around)


Applying to business school can be a bewildering process. While schools post their admissions criteria on their websites, applicants (like my high school senior son last year) still wonder, “But what are they really looking for?” That question is even more bewildering for reapplicants (candidates who applied but were not admitted in a prior year), especially when they don’t get feedback from the AdCom about why they were not admitted. 

Our reason for not providing feedback is to maintain a level playing field for all applicants. That’s not to say that we don’t welcome reapplicants. Quite the opposite! Reapplicants’ focus and determination not only gain them admission, but they also do well academically and are among our most committed student leaders. 

What did they do to get in the second time around? 

They reviewed their candidacy and shored up the area(s) that may have been less competitive within our applicant pool. They may have retaken a test, took on or led a new project at work, clarified their understanding of and reasons for their career goals, or selected a recommender who could speak to their professional strengths in detail. 

All of these actions are applicable to first-time applicants too. 

One question we often get from reapplicants is: “Do you look at my previous application and interview report?” The answer is “Yes.” It gives us an idea of what your candidacy looked like before, and how that compares to where you are now. But our focus will be on where you are now. Keep in mind that if you reapply within a year of your original application to Ross, you can submit an abridged application


Round 1 deadline coming up (Sep 30)

Whether you’re a new applicant or a reapplicant, make sure you leave a little time before the application deadline to review your application materials in their entirety and evaluate whether it conveys a strong story about who you are and how/what you’ll contribute to the class. If you determine your app’s not quite ready yet, don’t fret - Round 2 is a great time to submit your application too. Best of luck! 


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