Four Tips to Ace Your Interview


Interview Invitations

Round 1 interview invitations will go out on Tuesday, October 22. We wanted to help ease some nerves by sharing information about the interview process, Team Exercise, and how to prepare for both.

The one-on-one interview is primarily behavioral. The interviewer will only see your resume; he/she won’t have read your application. If you do a Google search, you’re sure to find interview questions for every school, including Ross. The reality is, there are only three questions you can be sure to be asked: (1) Why MBA? (2) Why Ross? (3) What are your post-MBA career goals? The rest may vary from interviewer to interviewer, but they will focus on your work experience and understanding your work style. 

Tips for doing well in your interview

  1. Know your resume. Be ready to share details about any of the bullet points on it, and highlight your role and impact. 

  2. Connect the dots. Talk about why you made the moves you made (from job A to job B).

  3. Be professional. Whether you’re interviewing on-campus with an MBA2 or with one of our alumni around the world, treat the admissions interview like a job interview.  

  4. Prepare a few questions. Nothing shows interest like good questions.  

Here’s a link to last year’s interview blog where I bust myths and share other tips to ease your anxiety. 


The Team Exercise

If you are invited to interview, we highly recommend participating in the Team Exercise. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate your teamwork and interpersonal skills (which are important to us) and to engage with potential future classmates. You’ll work in small groups to create and solve a business problem incorporating randomly selected words. Your group will then present the problem and solution to a mock “client.” The focus of our evaluation is on how your team works together and how you communicate. 

The Team Exercise will be held on-campus in Ann Arbor, and in the following locations:

  • Round 1: Shanghai (Sat Nov 9) & New Delhi (Sat Nov 16)

  • Round 2: Tokyo & Sao Paulo (Late Jan/Early Feb 2020)

To learn more about what to expect, and how we use the Team Exercise in our evaluation, check out this video where I answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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