Get the Most Out of Your Visit to Campus


The Admissions team has enjoyed meeting candidates where they live and work. And one of the questions we frequently get from them is: “When is the best time for us to visit schools?” 

The short answer is — during the school year, so you can sit in on a class experience the vibe of a school. For Ross, that means visiting between September through April. The best options are: our weekly on-campus Visit in Person (VIP) program, our Diversity Weekend, an interview day (if you’re invited), and Admitted Student Weekend (if you’re admitted). At all of those events, you can hear from student panels, take a campus tour, and sit in on a class (Mon-Thurs only). 

“Will visiting help my candidacy?”

No. A visit doesn’t play into our admission decision. But, it can give you a better sense of fit with a school, which should be an important factor in your school selection process. Interacting with students, observing the dynamic between students and with faculty, and seeing the town/city can make a big difference in how you feel about a school. Students often tell us that schools moved up or down on their list after a campus visit. 

“Will not visiting count against me?”

Absolutely not. There are plenty of applicants who never visit Ross and are successful in the admissions process. But nearly all of our students are connected with our community during the application process through our student ambassadors, regional events, and/or our many webinars

“How can I get the most out of my visit?”
  1. Identify people you’d like to meet ahead of time (e.g., student ambassadors, professional/career-related clubs, affinity clubs, Institutes & Centers) and schedule a brief meeting.
  2. Schedule your visit around events of interest (e.g., student conferences, school lectures/speakers, social events, sporting events)
  3. Leave time to explore Ann Arbor and do something you find enjoyable! (e.g., explore restaurants —​ Zingerman’s, Frita Batidos and Black Pearl are a few local faves; go for a run in Nichols Arboretum, check out live jazz at Blue Llama or folk music at The Ark, or upcoming performances by Bob Dylan or Yo-Yo Ma at Hill Auditorium)


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