Short-term and Summer Global Experiences

Global FinTech Projects in London

Winter semester course with fieldwork abroad over spring break
London, UK
3 credits
U-M undergraduate and graduate students

Technological innovation has been transforming the economy across all industries, and the current race to develop technologies which open new sectors is taking over the conventional approach to business. Cryptofinance, blockchain, ICOs, crowdfunding, mobile payments, smart contracts, and many other concepts are growing in popularity among companies and require a new set of skills outside of traditional finance expertise. The expanding intersection of finance and technology offers valuable opportunities for those who have in-depth knowledge on both topics and can utilize these concepts to form analyses on viable developments. This course, taught by Professor Robert Dittmar and Professor Andy Wu, provides the unique opportunity for students to develop their knowledge of FinTech through action-based project work with innovative tech companies around the world.  

Students will engage in a FinTech project with employees at stakeholder companies. This interdisciplinary group project work will allow students to grow their global network, develop real-world skills and experience, and gain a career edge in the rapidly advancing intersection of finance and technology.   

Areas of Study: FinTech, Finance, Technology, Consulting, Entrepreneurship

Faculty Leaders: Robert Dittmar, Professor of Finance and Andrew Wu, Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations and Finance

Applications are due on Monday, October 28, 2019