E.g., Jul 15 2020
E.g., Jul 15 2020
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Writing in The Conversation, Michigan Ross Professor Tom Lyon and colleagues explore a difference in generational attitudes.

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Five Michigan Ross faculty members received promotions that were recently approved by the University of Michigan Board of Regents, in addition to one approved in December.

Ross News Blog

Through the +Impact Studio for Local Business, Ross undergraduates are helping businesses in Detroit and Southeast Michigan respond and adapt to challenges caused by the pandemic and related shutdowns. 

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David Brophy discusses the state’s startup ecosystem and more in a new interview.

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Writing for The Conversation, Michigan Ross Professor Aradhna Krishna explores the implicit associations of color and goodness.

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Corporations seek and secure favorable legal decisions by retaining attorneys who have worked for or studied with federal judges, a new study reveals.


Michigan Ross faculty member Amy Young and colleagues detail how Michigan Radiology has approached the pandemic.

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For Pride Month this year, Michigan Ross students and staff members participated in a video created by Out For Business sharing Pride history, personal journeys, and allyship commitments in solidarity with marginalized LGBTQ+ communities. 

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Writing for InvestorPlace, Paolo Pasquariello identifies some “money moves for recent grads.”