Transferring Into Our BBA Program from Another Institution


This is a part of a series of blogs focused on understanding the paths to admissions for the Ross BBA program. This post is most relevant for current college students at other universities. Other posts in this series are relevant for high school students and current U-M Students.

Although most of our BBA students at Michigan Ross are admitted into the program as high school seniors, we do keep about 25 spots open in each class for what we call “external transfer students.” These are students who transfer into Ross from an outside institution such as a community college or another university.

If you’re currently a student at another institution in the U.S., you haven’t yet completed a bachelor’s degree, and you think you’d like to transfer to Ross, I’ll walk you through the process here. It’s not terribly complicated!

In general, you should know that we look for applicants who are outstanding and well-rounded — students with strong academics, quality extracurricular activities, and compelling application essays. (Interviews are not a part of our admissions process.)

Here are the specific requirements to apply, as a transfer student:

  • Submit your application by the transfer student deadline of March 31 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Submit an official high school transcript directly from your high school to Ross Undergraduate Admissions. High school transcripts should be postmarked by March 31.
  • Submit your official score report for the ACT or SAT directly from the testing agency to the University of Michigan by March 31.
    • Contact the testing institution to request your scores be sent. The University of Michigan code for the ACT is 2062 and for the SAT is 1839. Be sure to plan ahead, since we can’t accept “rush” paper scores.
  • Complete the electronic Transfer Supplement by June 1. This is the second component of the application. The link to complete the form will be emailed to you after you complete the transfer application by March 31.
  • Complete the equivalent of the University of Michigan’s courses for LSA First-Year Writing, Economics 101 (Microeconomics), and Calculus I, II, or III, each with a grade of C or better, by June 1 of the year you apply to Ross.
  • Earn at least 27 credits with a grade of C or better during the academic year before you intend to come to Ross. These courses must also be completed by June 1.

That’s the majority of what you need to do, but there are some other things you should know, especially about how many of your current credits will transfer to U-M and Ross.

Transfer Credit

  • No business course work is accepted for transfer toward the Ross BBA. All business courses must be completed at Ross.
  • Up to 45 non-business transfer credits may count toward completion of the Ross BBA.
  • Regardless of your current class standing, you will spend three full years completing your degree at Michigan Ross. It is not possible to accelerate the program.
  • For listings and explanation of transfer credit equivalencies, visit Note that U-M does not accept some coursework that is completed online or in hybrid format, and departments may have additional restrictions. No credit will be granted for special, dual-enrollment-only sections.
  • For information regarding AP, IB, or A-Level credit, please refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions advanced credit transfer guide. You must submit your official test scores directly from the testing agency to the U-M Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Planning Ahead

  • We suggest that you use courses taken at your current school to work toward completing some U-M distribution requirements. Ross BBA students are required to complete three out of four distribution areas: Foreign Language, Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science and/or Mathematical and Symbolic Analysis.
  • Be sure to have course descriptions and course syllabi available to help in the transfer evaluation process.

Visit & Connect with Us!

  • On select Tuesday evenings after the University of Michigan’s Transfer Tuesdays program, we offer a BBA External Transfer Information Session at Michigan Ross. During this session you will learn more about the Ross BBA and transfer requirements through an informative presentation, current student panel, and tour of the Ross building. Please register online.
  • Lastly, have you reached out to C.J. Mathis, our assistant director for transfer initiatives? C.J. meets regularly with students to talk through their application questions as it relates to the external transfer process. Please feel free to contact C.J. directly at