We Just Released More BBA Admissions Decisions — What Should You Do Next?


It’s true — this afternoon around 5:01 p.m. we released a batch of admissions decisions letting applicants know that we’d love to welcome them to the Michigan Ross BBA Class of 2022.

Congratulations to these incredible students!

If you were admitted in this round of decisions, you will be receiving an email shortly with a welcome message and a few next steps. Our Prospective Student Guide also offers detailed information on how to check your admission status.

One of the things you need to start thinking about as a newly admitted Ross BBA student is how to approach getting ready for Michigan Ross. To that end, all admitted students should sign up (beginning in mid-April) for a UM Orientation session, which will take place over the summer. You’ll receive an email invitation to sign up in the next few weeks.

At this event, you will meet your Ross advisor, receive a student ID (or MCard), learn about life on Michigan’s campus, and so much more. Take a look at the full three-day schedule. The office of New Student Programs also has a pretty comprehensive list of what you need to do to prepare for this orientation session.

At Ross, we will also have a Freshmen Welcome Event, and that is scheduled for end of August right before classes begin - watch your email for details.

We hope you’re excited about all of that as we are!


As Blaire mentioned in her blog in February, we have still NOT released any denial decisions and continue to evaluate all candidates who have applied but have not yet received a decision from us. Once again, not hearing from us today does not mean that you won’t be admitted.

If you’re in this group of hopefuls, thank you for your patience! We know this isn’t necessarily a fun moment in time for you. If you need help taking your mind off of the waiting, check out this recent post on productive ways to help pass the time until our next decision release.

The admissions process for the Ross BBA Program will continue to unfold into March and early April, but you can stay up-to-date on our latest developments by subscribing to alerts and getting new posts from this blog delivered directly to your email.

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