Explore the Countless Ways Students Can Add to Their Ross BBA Experience


By Norm Bishara

One of the reasons our students tell us they like the Ross BBA Program so much is because there are a ton of ways they can add to their experience.

When students are able to take the fundamentals of good business they learn in core courses and combine it with their passion, magic happens.

There are several ways students are able to create that magic at Michigan Ross while studying in the classroom, participating in co-curricular activities, and preparing for their future careers.

We get a lot of questions from prospective students about what these experiences are all about and how can they get involved, so I want to address some of that in this post.

The Classroom


Focused Institutes and Centers

Ross is home to a number of centers and institutes that focus on particular business topics such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social impact. You can get involved with these centers through classes, guest speakers, outreach programs, and more.

Dual Degrees

Although it’s challenging, Ross BBAs can graduate with two undergraduate degrees in five years. Want to study business AND study in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance? Maybe get your BBA while also studying with the College of Engineering? You can work towards either of those and a number of other options as a Ross BBA student. Learn more

Research Opportunities & Faculty Projects

We have some of the best business faculty in the world, and when you’re a student at Ross you have the opportunity to pursue independent studies focusing on an area that interests you or work directly with faculty on their research and teaching projects, giving you a deeper level of understanding in a topic that can help you stand out.

Co-Curricular Activities


Student-Led Conferences

Helping to organize a conference (and we have a lot of student-led conferences at Ross), gives you great experience and expands your network of contacts, while attending conferences exposes you to the latest thinking on a topic of interest. Annual conferences at Ross include the Michigan Sport Business Conference, the Women in Business Conference, and Michigan Fashion Media Summit.

Case Competitions

Case competitions are great ways to sharpen your teamwork and presentation skills and prepare for case interviews with consulting firms if that’s a career path that interests you. Winners of competitions at Ross go on to compete in national competitions (and they often come back winners!)

Student-Led Funds

Ross is a leader in providing action-based learning opportunities for our students, and one way we’re leading that charge is with student-led investment funds. Ross students run seven investment funds with a total of more than $10 million in active investments. Learn more

Your Future Career


Och Initiative for Women in Finance

Despite significant advancements in the business world, women remain drastically underrepresented in the finance industry. The Och Initiative for Women in Finance works to increase awareness of and access to careers for women in finance. There are workshops, treks to Wall Street and other destinations, and career resources. Learn more

Cappo Sales Track

For those interested in sales, we offer a special course track consisting of four marketing courses. The track helps you understand the sales function, study how it works, and explore opportunities for sales-related careers. Learn more

Carson Scholars Program

This course takes students to Washington, D.C. to learn about the intersection of business, government, and public policy. I serve as the faculty director of this program, and it’s always a great pleasure to be with the students when they meet with legislators and gain the tools necessary for incorporating public policy into managerial decision making. Learn more

Whether it’s finance, advertising, sports management, non-profit work, consulting, marketing, or any other fields that interest you, there’s a combination of Michigan Ross experiences that will make your BBA degree truly unique.

Norm Bishara
Norm Bishara
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

"Take risks that demonstrate you can take on challenges & bounce back from failures."